Leap Touch is a browser extension that allows you to control browsing with a Leap Motion device.

We held a Leap Motion hack day at Fishburners on August 18th to see what we could make. A bunch of ideas were tried, including virtual face interaction, 3D marionette control (with Oculus Rift), and underwater obstacle detection, but our browser control plugin seemed useful enough to push forward and make available.

A week later and we were ready to ship, and share a celebratory sandwich.

We’ve tried to keep the gestures as simple as possible, without a complex interface for people to understand. This is aimed at occasional use, not constant use, which we think is better for this device.

We’ll continue making improvements, and port to different browsers based on demand.

To stay updated, and to hear about support for other browsers, please join our mailing list below.

Enjoy your sandwiches.

Murray Hurps

Co-founder. Sydney, Australia

23 years coding experience, loving every day of it. Founded Ad Muncher and crazy for the #StartupAUS scene.

Ronald Suwandi

Co-founder. Sydney, Australia

Founded wearther and passionate about artificial intelligence, javascript, shoes, suits, coffee and inserting unicode art into random places. (´・ω・`)

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